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  • 10W-40 API SN
10W-40 API SN

10W-40 API SN (Synthetic Technology Motor Oil)
100% Virgin Base Oil

10W-40 API SN

  • Zynox 10W-40 Semi Synthetic API SN
  • Zynox 10W-40 is formulated from high quality base oils combined with modern performance additives to help provide long engine life and protect critical engine parts from lubricant related failures for your vehicle’s OEM recommended oil change interval in mileage or in time of use whichever is longer.
  • Applications
  • Zynox 10W-40 is recommended for gasoline fueled automobiles and light duty trucks where a higher viscosity API SN, SM, SL or SJ oil is
Test Parameters Unit Method specifications Typical Value
Min Max
Appearance - Visual Clear & Bright - C&B
Color, ASTM - D-1500 - - L2.0
Density, 15 ْC g/ml D-4052 - - 0.8725
Kinematic Viscosity, 100 ْC cSt D-445 13.5 14.5 14.2
Kinematic Viscosity, 40 ْC cSt D-445 - - 97.7
Viscosity Index - D-2270 145 - 148
CCS Viscosity@ -25 ْC cP D-5293 - 7000 6900
Foam Seq II T/S ml D-892 - 50/0 0/0
Pour Point  ْC D-6749 - -33 -42
Flash Point COC  ْC D-92 200 - 220+
Base Number mgKOH/g D-2896 6.5 - 6.6

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