New thinking in Oil and Lubricants to fulfill your needs.

Get a closer look at Zynox’s world and know-how we think and see the future.

We think all the time about tomorrow and the future. So we are ready all the time to face all updates and industry trends. In Zynox, we develop ourselves every day and look for the next step to meet our customer’s expectations and achieve their needs in the perfect way.

Our Company

From day one, we think about how to achieve safety and protection for any driver, whatever his / her vehicles. Finally, we found our way into Oil and Lubricants products.

The journey is hard and complicated in the beginning, but we know we will succeed and achieve what we plan for, and at the same time, we think about our customers and know they deserve some try.

After all, we succeed in delivering high quality, affordable and suitable products for all customers and give them the safety and protection they are looking for when they drive their vehicles whatever their type car, bus, motor….etc. We thought of everyone.

We do not just offer protection and safety, but we give them the opportunity to strengthen the component of vehicle lifetime and decrease costs.


Our mission

Providing our customers with high quality, affordable, and suitable oil and lubricant products.


Our Vision

Changing the customer’s life to better by giving them products that strengthen their vehicle’s lifetime.

Our Values











Our Certificates

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