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High Quality Automatic Transmission Fluid


  • Zynox ATF Dexron III
  • Zynox Transmission Fluid ATF Dexron III is high performance, multifunctional fluid designed to meet the requirements of Dexron III, & Allison C4 specifications. It provides good oxidation stability & friction resistance ensuring consistent & smooth power shifting.
  • Applications
  • Zynox ATF Dexron-III is formulated to meet the automatic transmission fluid requirements of modern vehicles. Also meets the hydraulic fluid requirements of certain industrial and mobile equipment.
Test Product Test Method Unit Typical Value
Color Visual - Red
Density ASTM D 4052 g/ml 0.8644
Kinematic Viscosity , 40 ْC ASTM D 445 C.ST 31.0
Kinematic Viscosity , 100 ْC ASTM D 445 C.ST 7.20
Viscosity Index ASTM D 2270 - 180
Broookfield Viscosity, -40 ْC ASTM D 2983 cP 19500
Pour Point ASTM D 5950  ْC -42 ْC max
Flash Point CCC ASTM D 92  ْC 180
Foam Seq II Tendency ASTM D 892 ml 20
Foam Seq II Stability ASTM D 892 ml 0

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